Saturday, November 07, 2009

Birthday Tottering In Totnes

Yesterday saw a small but select gathering of The Millbrooker clan in Totnes to celebrate Milly's coming of age.

Milly hit her three quarter century mark which, I believe, makes her officially grown up (probably).
'Twas a bit of a rainy November day as Mrs The Millbrooker and I accompanied by The Depitty stepped off the iron horse at Totnes' dual platformed station and tramped our way past the castle into the town centre in search of the market where we were scheduled to meet the slightly older folk. Damned silly month to go and get born in, if you ask me, but there's no telling these in-law types sometimes.

After a bit of pootling in the town centre, we did the sensible thing and took shelter in the Dartmouth Inn... excellent (if accidental) choice, as it happens. The Dartmouth Inn keeps a very nice pint indeed. I wasn't feeling adventurous so stuck to the always trustworthy Tribute; Milly and Trickers had a half each of Thatcher's cider straight from the barrel. Mrs The Millbrooker had a Tribute and The Depitty had some horrendous alcopop concoction; he's young, yet - I'm hopeful that some semblance of good taste will slowly evolve from within.

The main event of the day was dinner at Totnes' "Rumour" wine bar and restaurant.We quickly settled into our table next to the window, and starters arrived in good time after ordering. Here's The Depitty tucking into a scrummy duck filled spring roll, with my utterly delicious poached duck egg on a bubble and squeak tower in the foreground. This was food of a very high order indeed. This looked (and tasted) as if it was going to be a very good choice of eatery - well done, Milly and Trickers.
Mains was no disappointment, either. Oh, no - not by a very long chalk. I was very impressed with my mackerel fillet in Goan style - simply delicious and as fresh as a mackerel can be unless you're holding the fishing rod yourself. Trickers declared his sirloin to be top notch; Mrs The Millbrooker and The Depitty both tucked into roast pheasant with great pleasure; Milly thoroughly enjoyed her braised oxtail. I can only say that I'd return to Rumour gladly, anytime. This was one of the best meals out I've enjoyed for a long time.

This is The Depitty and Milly with their mains...
..and here's Trickers with his steak (my Goan style mackerel in the foreground).
Mrs The Millbrooker had been most industrious earlier in the day; making and icing a birthday cake for her mum, which the staff at Rumour very kindly agreed to hide in the kitchen and bring out complete with lit candles instead of puddings. Thank you, Rumour people - it really made Milly's evening.
After we'd finished eating Milly's bro', Jim along with his Mrs of 52 (count 'em) years, Kate, and one of their offspring, Cousin Jane, also descended on Rumour for a drinkie to celebrate Milly's big day. Fortunately for Rumour, but unfortunately for us, the place was very busy indeed by then and there was no room for us all to sit together so we decamped to The Royal Seven Stars......which was also very busy (and quite loud with some live music in the main bar), but we did find a table big enough for everyone to gather around.

Now, I wouldn't normally do this, but if I plonk a famous name into a posting I tend to get a few more hits as people go celebrity hunting on Google. So, here's Uncle Jim who is known as "dad" to (amongst others) Top Gear's James May. Do you see what I did there? I got James May and Top Gear into the text of the posting. Twice. That should bring in a few hits from soon-to-be-disappointed net surfers hoping to see something about James himself, whom I've never met. Uncle Jim is on the right, explaining something very deep and meaningful (I'm sure) to Milly and Trickers.I suppose it's part of the job description of "dad" that your offspring, even when they've purportedly reached maturity always show you the respect that might be considered your due.You'll have guessed that the lady on the right is Cousin Jane - and you'd be correct, of course. Here she is again with The Depitty.Finally, I must introduce readers to Auntie Kate, on the left here with Mrs The Millbrooker, me and Milly.

After a pint at the Seven Stars, the Millbrook-bound of us had to depart for the train whilst Milly and Trickers headed back to their B&B to try and get a decent night's sleep before house hunting in the area the following morning.

It was great evening out and our thanks go to Milly and Trickers for inviting us over to dinner (and sponsoring the event as well). I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing Milly the very happiest of birthdays. Altogether now..."Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you...."

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