Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Story of Life

As we were sitting in The Royal Seven Stars Hotel yesterday amongst assorted members of Mrs The Millbrooker's side of the family, Auntie Kate told a story that will probably resonate with all of us who've reached that point in life where we've realised that we've turned into our parents.

Uncle Jim and Auntie Kate were staying in a fairly upmarket hotel a short while ago and, as is the way of these places, found that their bed had a large mirror at its foot.

Think of this what you will, sometimes a mirror at the end of a bed can be quite fun, sometimes it's not really what you're after.
Kate and Jim were sitting up in bed, facing the mirror, and Kate turned to her ever ebullient other half and said "I don't expect you ever thought you'd see my mother in bed with your father."

Who said romance was dead?

The photo is posed by models as Auntie Kate and Uncle Jim were unavailable.

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Nina said...

ho ho ho, very good Mr The Millbrooker! Nina x