Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Day In The Kitchen, A Night In The Pub

I had one of those "rest" days yesterday; in my line of work I don't get conventional weekends very often, so I get rest days at varying times during the week. Yesterday was one of those. So is today.

Sometimes, I get to rest on a rest day. This is not the case today (lots of pacing up and down muttering to myself going on instead). It wasn't the case yesterday, either.
No indeed, seen above is a small selection of the preserved edibles that will form the nucleus of just about everyone's Christmas present who is in line to get one.

Can't tell you what's in the lovingly sealed Kilner jars, but Mrs The Millbrooker did some very happy bowl licking when I'd plopped as much of the mixture as physically possible into the smaller containers. She also made suitable "mmmmm" noises when she tried the contents of the larger jars. There's other stuff still marinating in the fridge and another couple of goodies as yet completely uncooked (awaiting another "rest" day next week).

Anyway, after a day's slopping and potting I didn't really fancy cooking a meal for Mrs The Millbrooker and me, so we tried to eat at Millbrook's renowned hostelry, The D&C. This hope was dashed as we were told that they weren't doing food due to a minor staffing crisis. Boo!

So, one fairly basic meal of blue-cooked pig's liver and onions with roasted butternut squash later, we went to see Russell and Mark just for a drink and a change of scenery. We don't make it to the pub very often in these economically straitened days, so it was something of a treat to perch on the bar stools talking nonsense to Steff, Russell and Mark.

Discussion ranged over what the French for "otter" might be; Russell suggested "chauder". Work it out for yourselves.

A few pints of what our amis fran├žais might call loutre later, our old friend Jezzer arrived closely followed by Dong and Shazzerooneypoos. Jezzer is one of Dong's partners in crime when it comes to shoving beermats at bemused publicans and is in the area to do just that. Jezzer's on the left below; I'm sure you'll recognise Dong in his habitual bar-propping mode.Needless to say another several pints of loutre followed where the first few had led, to the point where it seemed like a really good idea to have a night cap once we'd returned to Millbrooker Towers.

So, not a restful rest day; but productive - and it was good fun to drink more than is wise and do opinion swapping in that wonderful pub-going manner that passes as conversation after the ale has started doing its work on one's innards.


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