Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree Time

The first decorations are up...
...three little pink angels, hanging in a row.

Truth be told, Mrs The Millbrooker stuck these old favourites up three days ago.
Today, though, has been Tree Day. On Tuesday last, Mrs The Millbrooker braved the wilds of Crownhill Garden Centre and paid a monstrously inflated £50 (yes, fifty whole pounds) for a pretty fine, if eye-wateringly expensive, specimen.

Said specimen was propped against the wall in the Millbrooker Towers courtyard awaiting our tackling the job of de-netting it, sticking it in an approximation of the right way up into a pot and then trying to ensure it stays upright through the careful placement of lots of stones around the bottom of its trunk. Here's a fast-moving Mrs The Millbrooker in tree handling action (tree lying prone at the bottom of the shot).
And here's the job completed. Just several days worth of sticking shiny things on it to go...

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