Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just a Little Milestone

Graham Swann, whilst bowling for England against South Africa, has today become the first English spinner to take over fifty test wickets within a calendar year.That's quite a major professional milestone.

Today, whilst writing this rubbish, I have become the first Millbrooker with a Daily(ish) blog to complete 1000 postings.

In the great scheme of things (if there is such an entity) it's not of any great import, but way back on the 7th of November 2006 when I started this enormous waste of time, who'd have thought that I'd still be wittering away more than three years later and still with almost nothing to say.

Even more difficult to imagine is that many of the people who started reading roughly as I started writing are still doing so. I feel that I should probably apologise.

So - thank you to everyone who reads this endless stream of opinionated rubbish, and I think I'll probably keep going now that I've lasted this long.

Time to celebrate with a decent drop of something this evening, I reckon.


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