Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Not On The Slopes

This year, for the third year running, Dong and Shazzerooneypoos decided to eschew the joys of a Millbrookian festive season and headed for the snow covered pistes of the French Alps to spend Christmas Day being toted upwards on ski lifts before wizzing back downhill to begin the adventure all over again.

Dong is a skier of more years' experience than he (or anyone else) cares to remember. At least forty years on the slopes, bound at the ankles to a pair of waxed planks, and not a scratch to show for it.

This year, Dong does have a scratch to show for it and I'm indebted to Shazzerooneypoos for ensuring that The Daily(ish) Millbrook got a copy of this shot of The Great Skier himself enjoying a meal of French cuisine in surroundings perhaps marginally less appealing than the sort of bistro he'd normally frequent given a free rein.Yep - sad to tell, Dong has come a bit of a cropper on the pistes this year; an upper arm bust in three places and something painful in the pelvic region put paid to his wizzing downhill with joyful abandon on Wednesday last and resulted in a prolonged stay (including Christmas day) in a nearby infirmary.

The duo should be back more or less as I write this, with the invalid being whisked to our own nearby infirmary for pinning together and organised nurses'-bottom-admiring.

I'm sure everyone will join me and Mrs The Millbrooker in wishing Dong a speedy, a complete and an as-pain-free-as-possible recovery. See you soon, mate, and a glass of white stuff (or something stronger if required) awaits Shazzerooneypoos should she want it.

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