Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Playing With The Big Boys - An Update

I'll start by saying thank you to everyone who (a) didn't laugh out loud at my plans to attend a professional acting course and/or (b) actively encouraged and wished me luck once they knew what I've been up to.

Only a few days ago I posted about the nerve-wracking trip to Bristol that was the beginning of my quest for a new (and infinitely more exciting) career path.

I've now received my expected email from this first foray into the world of the professional arts. Exactly as expected (although there was always that faintest of hopes in the back of my mind), I'm not getting into the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School this year:
"Dear [The Millbrooker],

Further to your recent audition at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, we are sorry that we are not able to offer you a place for entry in September 2010.

We receive a large number of applications each year, for a very limited number of places and, consequently, competition is extremely high.

We are, therefore, unfortunately unable to provide you with feedback on the outcome of your audition.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely... "
Blunt isn't it? Mind you, with well in excess of 2000 applicants for around 20-25 places, you can't expect much by way of feedback and encouragement, and I knew that when I applied (the website is very precise). And, of course, rejection is part of the business; only around 5% of the acting profession is in work at any one time (interestingly, it tends to be more or less the same 5% with the remaining 95% not getting much of a look in).
Right, then, Cardiff to reccy next and I'm off to a meeting with a top end acting coach in Londinium in January in an attempt to up my game sufficiently to have a serious crack at this next year.
Onwards, troops....

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