Sunday, December 13, 2009

Support The Sump. A Christmas Appeal.

Every year a bunch of remarkably silly people gather together on New Year's Day at Kingsand.

They then parade through the village and thence through Cawsand until they reach The Bound and Cawsand beach, whereupon they run headlong into the cold cold depths of the sea in order to raise money for their favoured causes.

Last year, I was dim enough to take part in this festival of foolishness. I intend to do so again in 2011.

Our good friend The Sump does so every year. This is him and me on January 1st last, just before parading in the chill wind.Needless to say, the only thing (apart from the compulsory lobotomy) that makes this exercise bearable for its participants is the money they raise.

So, good people of The Daily(ish) Millbrook's readership, PLEASE click on the link below and help The Sump to raise lots of lovely moolah for his chosen cause, BLESMA (the British Limbless Ex-ServiceMen's Association).
It's a very worthwhile cause, and you know you can afford a little bit of that Christmas money - so go on, click the link and help yourself to feel all warm inside at the thought of The Sump feeling all cold outside on New Year's Day.

There is no such thing as a "too small" donation - anything is accepted gratefully. I should probably note that there's no such thing as a "too large" donation either, but I guess that goes without saying.

The Sump's donation page is here:

Thank you and please be generous!

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