Friday, January 29, 2010

Dozybean in Jannerland

Here is a typical, quietish, little back street in Jannerland. It's where Mrs The Millbrooker, Dozybean and I spent much of yesterday.
The expedition began at a small establishment on Mutley Plain where Loki made his presence felt before he was handed over to YarMatt for an afternoon's father-son bonding and one-sided nappy changing (you'll be pleased to note that it's Loki who gets his nappy changed by YarMatt and not the other way around).The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that Dozybean and Loki are in an estate agency. It can be surmised, accurately, that so was I and so was Mrs The Millbrooker; we were there to check Dozybean's new tenancy agreements and do parently type things, like looking important and intelligent whilst slurping coffee.

Paperwork done with; Dozy was handed some keys and (once Loki had been handed over) we decamped to explore the new estate. Sadly, Dozy had been handed the keys to a completely different dwelling place and this resulted in some frustrating moments when we (for obvious reasons) couldn't open her new front door.No names and no pack drill, but the R House team from the Mutley Plain office are, doubtless, working frantically on a new key filing system as I write. Probably.

Eventually after a trip back to the agency to get the right keys, Dozy's new portals were thrown open. We had a good snoop around, but I won't bore you with endless photos of what is, when all's said and done, an empty flat in Jannerland. Here's Dozybean, though, newly elected Lady of the Manor enjoying her first cuppa in her new sitting room (in which sitting is quite difficult, there being no chair as yet).For the very curious amongst the readership of this nonsense, here's a shot of the estate boundary, which we reached after a lengthy trek across uncharted lands. Dozybean is just discovering that she is now the proud owner of a washing line.

So, Dozybean has once again vacated Millbrooker Towers and young Loki is no longer spending much of his day saying "Nana" every time he spots Mrs The Millbrooker or "Dagololololol" every time he spots me.

I'm sure everyone will join me in sending "Happy New House" wishes to Dozybean.


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