Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Difficult Question of Stage Names

In one's putative acting career, some research into Equity membership has been necessary. Even when (and if) I'm allowed into the hallowed numbers that make up the most difficult to join union in the country, I won't be allowed to use my own name. There's already a member using it. So I've been doing much musing on the subject. I won't bore you with current suggestions, but will tell a wee tale of name choosing...

When I feature someone on these pages whom I don't usually feature: one who isn't necessarily part of the safari-suppering glitterati for example, I usually send them a link through the magic of email.

Mostly I get a positive response, sometimes I get none at all.

I sent a link to the piece (not far below, just scroll down a bit) about panto rehearsals to Dan Hillman (Prince Kevin)...

...only to receive a very well worded response:

"Haha, thanks for that!
Cheers,Tooty Mcbadass."

Did you get that soubriquet? Yes he did sign himself "Tooty Mcbadass".

OK, so a new blogname is born, if not a new star...hmmmmm, should he ever want to join Equity, I reckon he'll be fine.

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