Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Whole World of Blogging

In common with just about every blogger on Earth who has managed to keep up an endless stream of whatever he/she is writing about (bugger all, in my case), I get hits from all sorts of unlikely locations.

Heaven only knows what the good denizens of Osaka or Tokyo make of the comings and goings of the Cornish haven from reality that is Millbrook, but who am I to worry?
I get a fairly frequent visit from someone in Beijing and can only hope that my visitor isn't hoping to learn about the correct use of English from my endless blether. From this I can also deduce that I'm not considered much of a threat to the notoriously censorious Chinese authorities (either that or my writings are an underground cult, which seems unlikely).

What I'm getting around to here, though, is a comment that I've received on the "Dozybean in Jannerland" posting (two posts below this one) which reads:


and is from someone calling themselves "V".

I've checked through the back passages (ooh, matron) of the site meter that counts how many people read this rubbish and sadly I can't ascertain whether this particular visitor was in China or Japan or any other East Asian country, but the translation service provided by those clever people at Google offers this:

If it's Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin: "Smiling and happy every day"

If it's Japanese, a rather more confusing: "Normally open mouth laugh ~ ~ heart heaven"

Whichever, it's a happy message for which I thank "V" and I'm glad he or she enjoyed the fascinating story of a young woman moving into a flat.

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Judith said...

Don't forget your Kiwi fanbase! I got a similarly impenetrable comment on my latest post. Unfortunately there is no Mandarin/Cantonese/Japanese speaker handy to translate it for me.