Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tell 'Em About The Honey, Mummy

It was quite a while back now that I boiled up some water with about four tons of honey in it before chucking in a measure of yeast and letting it ferment for a bit in a big plastic bucket.

Since then its been poured into a demijohn and left under an airlock for a couple of months until looked like this:Mm - nice and clear.

Today, I put my hydrometer to work and I reckon it's around 11.5%ABV (certainly not higher, and possibly a tiny bit lower). That makes it mead, then. Huzzah!

It now looks like this in half a dozen bottles (some kindly donated by members of the Millbrook Glitterati) and is heading off for medium-to-long term storage from whence it should re-emerge in about 10-12 months tasting yummy.Still some way to go to match Mr B's expertise or The High Lord's venerable vintage, but we'll see how it turns out soon enough.


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