Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More Wintry Stuff

I awoke to a Mrs The Millbrooker-less house yesterday as she was away visiting Milly in the far northern wastelands of Bath.

A glance from the bedroom window confirmed that the results of a cold night might provide another couple of photo opportunities. So, horrid cold germs streaming from my nose and ripping my throat apart from the inside notwithstanding, I braved a short diversion around the lake en-route to get the daily paper.

Of course, it also gave me the chance to play with my new camera.

So here are a few more shots of the our much loved Millbrook in the cold weather.
Firstly, the ice on the lake with a background of the dam, looking towards Maker.

And the island, surrounded by ice, with Molesworth Terrace in the background.

A trio of boys on bicycles, braving the cold on the dam. (Note the forlorn, and irretrievable, football sitting on the ice).

A view of the tidal creek below the dam; ice-free courtesy of being salt water.

Looking over the ice towards New Road and Millbrook centre.

Evidence of not-very-bright children venturing out onto the ice; thankfully no one seems to have come to any harm.

And lastly, a part of a large group of black-headed gulls huddled against the cold and standing in the middle of the lake.

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