Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcoming 2010

New Year's Eve at Millbrooker Towers was a quiet one this year, which was (truth be told) rather nice. Mrs The Millbrooker and I were both moving towards the "festived out" end of the partying spectrum, so the small but select gathering featuring The High Lord of Southwick, The Leaderene, Mr B, Shazzerooneypoos and a short visit from Slocombe suited the mood very well indeed.

Before our own low-key festivities could get underway we had to wave cheerio to The Wizzers of Soz and Dozybean who were on the way to a more raucous evening in Torpoint.

Dozybean is doing a passable (and deliberate) imitation of one of the night workers from Millbay Road. The Wizzers of Soz is passing herself off, apparently, as Ahmed the Dead Terrorist. Those of us who are seriously down with the kids, of course, know all about Ahmed the Dead Terrorist. I've known all about him since at least, ooh, New Year's Eve when Wizzers told us who she was dressing up as.Then it was just a case of settling down in the sitting room for an evening of talking nonsense amongst friends.

Mr B very kindly brought around a bottle of his outrageously potent (15.6% ABV) and very tasty 2009 vintage red, made from 42lb of Millbrookian grapes. No, not 42lb of grapes per bottle, he made more than just the one.This was swiftly followed by the slightly less potent, but equally delicious 2008 Apple wine. Here's four sixths of the assembled crew about to enjoy a slurp of the apply stuff. From there on, things got a bit hazy.The High Lord of Southwick enjoyed a goodly sip of Mr B's contributions.And it was good to welcome Slocombe for a while before he had to depart for a hogmanay meeting at the football club.Very shortly after midnight, Mrs The Millbrooker provided an entertaining floorshow by attempting to cure a minor burst of hiccoughs using the old trick of drinking from the wrong side of the glass (of pink bubbly, in this instance).We stayed chatting into the night, finally collapsing into bed around three; thanks to everyone who made our New Year's Eve such a pleasure through great company and yummy wine. And a Happy New Year to all.

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