Monday, January 04, 2010

Winter Visits Millbrook

Cornwall isn't well known for its winter sports, its snowfall, nor its freezing temperatures. Indeed, quite the opposite.

But, just occasionally, we get a teensy bit of what the rest of the world might refer to as "weather".

The other morning I was up and about early-ish and took a few snaps with my new toy (a Fuji Finepix SD1500, currently on special offer at Amazon).

So, here's a few shots from, by local standards, a snowy morning. First up, the New Road side of the lake with a covering of ice. And here's The Parade with white stuff on it.
This, of course, is Knillcross (or Workhouse Hill) showing the tracks of a few intrepid souls in their cars. And the dear old D&C with a whitened roof.

New Street and The Mark of Friendship.Another shot of the partially frozen lake; it's completely covered on the eastern half.Lastly, after dropping me off at Cremyll, Mrs The Millbrooker stopped at the Maker viewpoint and snapped this shot on her phone. The extent of the ice on the lake is clearly shown.Now, how long is it until summer?

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