Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Comment From the East

Ah, but the world is full of new and exciting places; full of new and exciting people. Full of wonder....

But, somehow, everyone washes up in Millbrook eventually. This is a universal truth, acknowledged by almost all.

Word of Millbrook and the comings and goings of some of its inhabitants and those of Millbrooker Towers in particular has reached the far shores of the east, and I'm grateful for the comment left on the "my very favourite photo" post (2 below)....

"I love readding, and thanks for your artical........................................."

This is from 睡衣, whom I must assume is not from Millbrook.

I have no idea whether 睡衣 is my reader's real name, or an internet pseudonym but as it translates from Cantonese as "pyjamas" or from Japanese as "cloth sleepwear", I'd guess the latter.
(thanks to Google's translation page).

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