Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How People Find Me

As I've muttered about before, I quite like to meander through the hits I get on this site; checking through the hit counter to see how people end up reading the drivellings of a slightly bewildered Millbrooker.

I've been doing so again this morning during all-to-frequent displacement activities from learning the myriad lines in the forthcoming production.

Often I think they must go away quite disappointed; I can't imagine for a moment that the eager searcher on Google looking for "French bird" actually wanted my shots of a northern wheatear in autumn plumage. Nonetheless, that's what he/she ended up with.
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Nor indeed can I believe that the person who, at five past ten last night, sat in front of their computer and typed into Google's search bar "tricia stubberfield nude photos" was overjoyed to find themselves guided to the post only two below featuring this decidedly non-nude photo and not a sign of the delightful (certainly when clothed, I've never experienced the nude version) Ms S to be seen...A decent excuse to publish my favourite photo again, though.

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