Monday, February 08, 2010

Goodbye Blackberry Wine

Mmm - there's a song in that title somewhere*....or perhaps not.

What seems like half a lifetime ago, I mashed up a few pounds of blackberries, poured hot water all over them, added yeast and a few other mysterious chemicals from the Almanac of the Vignoble's Art.

The resultant mush was strained delicately through a (washed) pair of Mrs The Millbrooker's old tights and bunged into a demijohn for a while to bubble away through an airlock.

Last night, after a marathon six hour rehearsal session of being Grumpy (note capital "G") in the bracing atmosphere of Maker's Energy Room, and also after a pint or three at the D&C whilst in full dwarf costume, I breached a bottle of the pale red liquid. Hmmm - decent colour if I do say so myself.Mrs The Millbrooker took camera-controlling duties because she reckoned I should try the stuff first. So I did.Closely followed by the lady of the establishment.At the risk of blowing my own, so to speak ("do you ever do much else?" I hear the cry from the cheap seats, to which I reply "Fie! to thee, groundlings!"), the stuff is bloomin' delicious. And quite decently alcoholic, too. There's a a couple of glasses left from the first bottle; I think they'll disappear rather rapidly after dinner this evening before my ridiculously early bedtime courtesy of a week of early shifts - boo!

*now - about that song I mentioned...

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