Monday, February 08, 2010

Grumpy Makes An Appearance

There's been an almost deafening silence as regards anyone asking to see pictures of me using what we actorly types like to refer to as "The Method" in my portrayal of that most misunderstood of characters from the classical repertoire, Grumpy.

In true Grumpy style I'm therefore throwing a hissy fit and publishing a couple of shots of the recent rehearsals, kindly donated by Earl Rodney (look, if I'm Grumpy then the rest of the so-and-so's are being called by their characters' names as well).

Just to remind anyone who wants to go but hasn't yet got a ticket - you need to move fast now. Thursday 18th is already sold out, including the extra seating nailed to the rafters. Wednesday 17th is quite full, but you can probably still get a ticket if you're quick: try Widdicombe's or the Spar in Millbrook or The Rising Sun or Cross Keys in Kingsand / Cawsand. There are still seats left for the opening night, Tuesday 16th.

The show is at 7:30 in the evening at The Energy Room, Maker. The Random Arms will be open from 6 o'clock for early arrivals many of whom might think it a good idea to have a couple of stiff ones before taking their seats.

Meanwhile, here's possibly the largest Grumpy yet known to thespianism patiently waiting in line to appear before an expectant crowd of fellow pantomimers.And in rather becoming close up, demonstrating a finely tuned gold mining technique with plywood and hazel stick pick-axe (Sneezy is next to yours truly, with Bashful just behind).

Eventually, we were allowed onto the stage, where we rehearsed very hard by saying things that approximated the wording of the script in roughly the right places, and doing so several times before singing lots of dwarf-like songs.The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that Grumpy is not actually the tallest dwarf on show. Dopey shades it by an inch or so.


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Judith said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Millbrooker. I have been having a good look around Millbrook courtesy of Google Maps and it does indeed look a very attractive place to live. Now if it wasn't for that small detail of being half a world away...