Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Bit About Brittany

I honestly don't have any plans about how much I'm going to bore the pants off any readers with "what I did on my holiday" postings. It all depends on how much else I get to witter on about over the next few days.

Since returning from the sunny but bloomin' cold Brittany and the lovely log-burning comforts of Le Bout de Sac (available by the week at very reasonable rates, folks, and we can offer discounts on Brittany ferries as well) ...
...I've had an endless procession of things that I've had to get done (like turning up for work) and lots of line learning and lonely one-man-show rehearsing, neither of which makes for scintillating reading - so we'll just have to see how it goes. I might have to write reams of stuff about walking along the Nantes-Brest canal and catching the TGV to Rennes; on the other hand I might not.

Day One en-vacances involved lots of trying to recover from an appalling night's sleep on the ferry; we decided to simply stay put and potter around the house.
Of course, staying put and pottering around the house loosely translates as "let's go across the road to Bar L'Alsa-Breizh for lunch and a beer". The bar wasn't a thrumming centre of activity on that early afternoon...
...but the welcome was as warm as could be from your friend and mine Jean-Luc and his partner, and the log burner was lit and pumping out the heat on a desperately chilly day. We also noted that he was going to be cooking up a treat on the Saturday night... "Qu'est-ce que choucroute, Jean-Luc?" I enquired in my pitiful schoolboy French. The master of the house led me to his laptop (ooh er, missus) and showed me a photo of what of he was planning to create in the kitchen. After seeing that, I wasted no further time in booking a table. The picture that Jean-Luc showed me was rather similar to this.
Our lunch on that first day was damned fine fare and absolutely huge, putting paid to any remote hope of activity for the rest of the day - huzzah!

Entree, as served...
Plat (yes, what you see below is two pork steaks and chips with a mustard sauce - we got three between us)...
Fromage - take your pick, have as much as you like...
Dessert (absolutely swimming in Kirsch - don't try driving afterwards, or warn Jean-Luc before he serves so you don't get accidentally sloshed)
Goodness me, but I love eating.

Bar L'Alsa-Breizh
22340 Trebrivan
tel 0296 366056
(from UK 0033 296 366056)

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