Monday, March 15, 2010

Just As She Thought It Was Safe...

I've only ever done this once before, that is put up a posting about someone I really don't know. But needs must when that someone hits a landmark birthday and works with Shazzerooneypoos.

Auntie Sharon has one of those strange jobs that mostly seems to involve decorating people's places of work with balloons and the like.
As you might have noted, the recipient of this gaseous largesse scored her maiden half century a short while ago. Shazzerooneypoos tells me that her friend who is now embarking upon her 6th decade thinks that because she hasn't featured on these pages yet, she's "got away with it".

Well, no, Bev - you haven't "got away with it". Here's the birthday heroine, bravely helping to blow up one of her own balloons using the ever popular "backdoor" method.Just in case you're missing how the backdoor inflation method works, here's a helpfully doctored version of the above indicating the balloon to check.Sometimes this inflationary activity can necessitate awkward postures in order to provide the best possible pressure to the available outlets; this is ably demonstrated here by an obvious expert.So - many happy returns (albeit slightly belated) from The Daily(ish) Millbrook to Bev.

I feel that I now probably owe Bev a drink should she ever find herself in one of Millbrook's wonderful watering holes. I note that Shaun (the previous recipient of one of these posts) has yet to claim his pint.


Editor's note. This article might have given the impression that ladies actually fart. Everyone knows that this is not true - they emit perfumed love-puffs.

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