Monday, March 01, 2010

Followers Find The Daily(ish) Millbrook

Today, I'm enormously proud to find that I have another follower.

This doesn't mean that I'm some sort of messiah (if only..), merely that in addition to the long standing "anitsirac", as she calls herself, who checks up on her dad's misdeeds which often feature on these pages, I now have another person who has actually signed up to read this nonsense and (presumably) get a message to tell her when I've written some new string of blether.

So - welcome, Jes ("...stay at home mum with 2 beautiful little people and a fabulous husband..."), I do hope the pills don't wear off too soon and that you'll keep reading; I can pretty well guarantee that I'll keep writing.
Having read Jes's online profile and having nothing better to illustrate this posting with, here's a nice boat (Jes likes boats). This is me at the tiller of The Sump's yellow-peril The Good Ship Syzygy, with The Sump himself keeping a watchful eye where we're heading. How wise he is.


Jes said...

Thank you very much!! I'm a little new to this so to be mentioned in one of your blogs is an huge honor :o) I'm really enjoying reading your blog, especially the bits about local goings on. I'm originally from the area and miss it like absolute mad. Plus you gave me a few meal ideas which is great!! take care, Jes

Blue Coast said...

oh I forgot, I love the little yellow boat, does she live in Millbrook creek?? Sailing and being on the water is the best thing in the world!!!

The Millbrooker said...

I must confess to not really being a sailor, more of an along-for-the-ride raving amateur; the boat does indeed reside on Millbrook creek on a half-tide mooring throughout the spring/summer/early autumn months. She's called Syzygy and is The Sump's pride and joy.