Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Nous Irons a Trebrivan, Encore

Oh my goodness, he's on the cod French again.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I are off to our wee hideaway in the middle of agricultural Brittany again. At some point (or more likely at many points) we'll find ourselves within this delightful establishment merely a stone's throw from our Breton front door).This news, as regular readers will know means that we have no internet access, no telephones, no nothings and so I won't be posting any of my usual nonsense until our return.

Likely next posting Sunday 14th (we will have been back for a while by then, but that's likely to be the first opportunity I have to sit at the old steam-driven laptop).

In the meantime anyone curious about where we're putting our feet up can find out lots about our little hidey-hole by visiting and taking a virtual peek at Le Bout de Sac in all its unluxurious (but perfectly comfy) glory.

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Judith said...

I enjoyed that link. I hope you and Missus TheMillbrooker are having a lovely time!

PS: I'm following you now, too. (Not stalking!) Your previous post reminded me about the "Follow" gadget thingy.