Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gigspanner - a lyrical tribute

In response to the very recent news of tickets now being available for Gigspanner at Rame Community Hall, I've had a message from the stately halls of Wiltshire where The High Lord of Southwick seems to have been moved to poetry by the thought of the occasion.
I've taken the liberty of a minor editing, substituting a more accurate description of The High Lord's day than his use of the word "work".

"Just in from [inspecting the estate and jollying the serfs along] and saw your latest entry on your blog re the wonderful, nay superb, nay catastrophically brilliant Gigspanner coming to Kingsand on May 22nd.

As I definitely want to be amongst those enjoying & basking in the wonder of their music on that greatest of evenings, when a bright, shining star shall hover over that smallest of villages on the far flung Rame Peninsula & a tune will be born in that humble abode (well compared to the Barbican), which will blossom & become great & a presence in the world.

Enough of this nonsense at 11:50 at night. Just get me a ticket, please. I'd love to see them again.

It is one of the highlights of my year,
His Highness The High Lord of Southwick

Well, I think I'd like a pint of whatever he was on last night.

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