Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Grumpy Insight Adventure

The fond memories of appearing in Snow White resurfaced on the airwaves this lunchtime as I took part in my first ever live-without-a-safety-net broadcast on Simon Pauley's Morning Mix programme.I was supposed to tell the world (well, the portion of its population that listens to Insight Radio) all about the Maker pantomime late last month,but due to technical problems at Insight the recording session got cancelled.

We rescheduled for yesterday, but I forgot that I'd changed my shift and was at work when Simon called from the studio to my mobile asking where I was. Oops.

The only solution - going out live today. So, comfortably ensconced at the kitchen table I chatted to Simon about stage work, Snow White, Grumpiness and not being able to see properly. This is what it sounded like...(just click on the play symbol below for the podcast).


jay waller said...

Nice one grumpy, I'm glad you seem to have got as much from the panto as I did. Jay (the lord chancellor one)

kkevins said...

Wonderful interview! Great publicity and summed up the whole panto experience perfectly! Well done, Mr The Millbrooker AKA Grumpy! Karen and Two Panto Mice