Monday, March 29, 2010

Loki Does Being Two

It's been a while since Loki graced these pages; as Dozybean is living with his young lordship in their own private mansion, recently christened as Dozy Hall, these days, I see a bit less of the wee fellow.

He now calls himself by an approximation of his name which emerges as "Noonoo". So, farewell Loki and welcome to blog stardom Noonoo it is then. Here's Noonoo explaining to Dozybean that Mummies really don't know anything about red buses, even small wooden ones.
Noonoo actually hit the terrible-twos on Monday, but as Mondays are a difficult day for family gatherings, his birthday was brought forward by 24 hours and the clan was gathered the day before within the portals of Dozy Hall to celebrate with cake and presents.

Yarmatt (another who hasn't done much appearing on these pages for while) was on hand to assist with difficult bits of unwrapping, as was Great Grandma Elin (left below). Grandpa Nigel made a generous contribution to the Lego mess by not only providing the bricks in gift-wrapped form, but by helping Noonoo to unwrap the bricks from their cellophane inner bags to make the task of disguising the carpet as a building site that much easier.
Also making an appearance was Half-Uncle Henry (isn't family life so complicated these days?). Henry (left) is seen here helping The Depitty (right) to solve some difficult arithmetic problems on one of Noonoo's prized possessions.
Just missing the Bath-based relatives, who had to set off homewards, by a whisker Cannonball Pam and Lester arrived to do Nana Pam and Pops impersonations for Noonoo.
So, Happy Birthday Noonoo and thank you to the other Dozy Hall resident for playing host despite a monstrous hangover from the previous (Noonoo-free) night. I must say that the kitchen window sill bears testimony to Dozybean's haphazard second-half upbringing at the hands of a wicked and moderately frequently sozzed step-father.I'm so proud (although, really - Bacardi Breezers - an alarming lapse in taste).

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Anonymous said...

The Breezers are Em's fault. You'll have to shake your head at her when next you meet.
DB. xxx