Monday, April 26, 2010

BathNick and BathZena Trekking At Withnoe Barton

Millbrooker Towers has been a hive of activity this weekend. I managed to bully and cajole my old muckers BathNick and The High Lord of Southwick into making the trip from their northerly abodes to see the show (see posting below). BathNick came accompanied by the ever lovely BathZena and they arrived on Thursday. So it seemed like a damnably decent idea to get a spot of exercise in their company.

Here's BathNick shortly after leaving Millbrooker Towers and looking in fine fettle for the trek to come.
We headed up West Street, commendably ignoring the blandishments implicit in there being a pub sign outside the D&C.
Past the bottom end of Donkey Lane and towards Withnoe Barton where we were treated to a superb view of a group of buzzards; one of which was most obliging in flying close overhead, giving us a glorious flash of underwing.

A minor bit of bag adjustment and a slurp of water...

...and we left the lane to take the farm track footpath toward Tregonhawke Cliff. Being a farm track, I guess we shouldn't be particularly surprised to have been followed by some farmyard inhabitants who wanted some company for a short toddle away from where they were supposed to be.We allowed ourselves a cuppa at The Cliff Top Cafe and made our way homeward over Trenninow where the excitable skylarks were doing their stuff. Now that's a decent way to spend an afternoon in my 'umble.

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