Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bodmin Moor in the Sunshine

I took a break from endless repetitions of the play, played out to the uncaring audience of the otherwise uninhabited Millbrooker Towers living room, today.

I was very well behaved and did most of a complete run through this morning, but packed it in a few pages of script from the end as I found myself simply reciting lines rather than actually acting or even mugging in character.

Time for a proper audience. That, of course, will come soon enough; public performance nights are Thursday and Friday of this week.

However, this post is about taking a break from all that. Dong and Shazzerooneypoos picked me up at 1:30 sharp(ish) and whisked me away to the faraway lands beyond Liskeard. Only me, Mrs The Millbrooker is slaving away over a hot computer screen and needed to use the time more productively than tramping around the countryside.

We pulled into Minions and enjoyed a good old trek, by-passing The Hurlers...
...and heading instead for the old quarry and its delightful small lake, north(ish) of the Cheesewring (visible in the background of the shot above).

Here's Shazzerooneypoos (or Gimli, as we like to think of her when out trekking, little legs going like the clappers), taking a short breather at that very spot.Then it was a southward turn towards the Cheesewring, which we skirted around to join up with the remains of the moor's old railway; once used for transporting quarried granite all the way to Looe.From there, 'twas a simple sidle back into Minions and The Hurlers Halt for a spot of light lunch, which Shazzerooneypoos kindly modelled for us, thus winning the unflattering shot of the day award.

What a smashing way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. To round things off, we're heading to sample the delights of the D&C for dinner tonight, and that will be with Mrs The Millbrooker who will have done quite enough word processing by then - huzzah!

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