Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not Much Blogging Going On

Having just had a short telephone conversation with Frankenkeith who was enquiring about whether film club is happening tonight, I realise that I've not stuck anything at all onto these pages for aeons.
Sorry, folks, so much of my time has been (and is being) taken up with rehearsals for the 22nd and 23rd April that I've barely given it a second thought.
Indeed, as I sit to write this wee piece, I've literally just finished the better part of a 100 minute "run through" of the play. Which means that I'm still doing it too slowly and I've only got the chance of 10 more rehearsals before the paying public come to stare. And I dried twice, in places where I've not had any previous trouble; just tired after a short night and early morning, I guess.
Just for entertainment's value, here's a shot of something from the play; if you come along to The Energy Room on one of the dates above, you'll get to see this in a much larger form....

So - the message is, I'm not abandoning the blog, but I simply have to devote the vast majority of my time and effort elsewhere just for another couple of weeks.

Normal drivelling will be resumed as soon as possible.

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Deblinette said...

Sending lots of Luck and Best Wishes, Joshua. Thinking of you.....we are sure the play will be a hit!
Love from Deborah & Peter x