Monday, April 26, 2010

Out With The High Lord

Saturday just gone was the first "recovery" day from the intensity of doing the one-man-show (look, I will eventually stop mentioning it, but it's been a big thing for a while so letting it go might take a few days).

BathNick and BathZena fancied a gentle stroll to Kingsand and Cawsand to partake of some souvenir hunting and to help by taking down the now out of date posters for the play.

I fancied a very slightly more challenging leg stretch and dragged The High Lord of Southwick up and over Maker, around the back of Friary Manor and thence downward to trog along the Minadhu.

Several paragliders were having a grand old time over the Minadhu and The High Lord and I tried out the zooms on our cameras. This was as close as I could get. That looks like fun - perhaps an Insight Adventure for another day? Hmmm.
In search of BathNick and BathZena, we checked every pub from The Riser to The Cross Keys (if you know the villages, you'll know that's a fair few); drinking not a drop in any of them. We stopped and enjoyed the view and the activity on The Bound from The Balcony on Garrett Street.
BathNick and BathZena spotted us outside The Cross Keys and, as a newly formed quartet, we grabbed a table for the first ale of the day. Here's BathNick about to enjoy his first slurp, and (below) The High Lord of Southwick admiring BathNick's equipment.
Rather than head straight back to Millbrook, another pit stop seemed like a good idea. The Rising Sun played host for another pint and for another photo op. Have you noticed how the whole feel of a photo can change once someone knows that you're pointing your lens at them?
1) Didn't see the camera being primed for the shot:

2) "Quick, make sure he gets our best sides"And so endeth another day's outing - just a quick trot back to Millbrook before a yummy slap-up at the D&C.

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