Monday, May 10, 2010

And So The Birthday Season Starts Again

Once again Dozybean was first out of the starting blocks (funny how that seems to be the case every year), celebrating her 5th* birthday on Friday just gone.

Yes, indeed, only the day ofter the election, meaning that this was her first ever vote in a general election; she missed the 2005 by the same margin, turning 18 (or 9*) on the day after polling. Oh boy, was she miffed.

Anyway, we didn't do much by way of marking the occasion by dint of Dozybean planning a screaming night out with loads of girlies and a couple of token blokes - not an outing arranged to appeal to the older elements.
There was, though, cake prepped by Mrs The Millbrooker's own fair hand and couple of unwrappies to be flapped about in front of an unsuspecting Emily.
And, of course, there has to be the official birthday portrait.


*How to calculate your age without ever getting older than 9.

Add the two (presumably it's two) figures together and keep going until you reach a single digit.

Example: Dozybean is 23. That's 2+3 = 5

I am 46 - that's 4+6 = 10, which in turn is 1+0 = 1 (so I consider myself to be 1)

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