Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Views and Things

With Mrs The Millbrooker still hard at work, locked in her tiny cell for up to twenty six hours a day, I decided to try and ease my crocked back with a walk up to Rame Head.

My lumbar region "went" for the first time in the better part of two years on Tuesday last and I've been doing the walk-like-you've-had-unfortunate-accident-in-your-underpants impression ever since, as well as taking an impressive cocktail of painkillers. It's easing up nicely now, thanks for asking, but I'm still being a tad careful in my gait.

Here's a few shots that I snapped during the trog over Wiggle to the Head itself and thence to Rame Church and back over Hat Lane.
Millbrook from just above the cemetery.

I've always thought of this as an instruction, but the damned thing won't budge no matter how hard I push it.

The first sighting of Rame Head.

Polhawn Cottage, from above Polhawn Fort.
Polhawn Cottage is for sale, you know, at the knockdown price of £795,000 (a snip, I'm sure).

Rame Head hove into view in all its glory.

And from the same spot, around nine miles out to sea - The Eddystone Lighthouse.
Turning slightly (ever so slightly) inland, Rame Church peeps over the hedgerows.

Unusually, it was open - so I took a peek inside (in ten years living in South East Cornwall, this is the first time I've seen the interior). There's a video here showing the famed candle-lit services: Rame Church has no electricity.

Then it was a steep climb through Forder and over Hat Lane to head homeward.

And thus endeth this miniature travelogue.

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