Wednesday, May 05, 2010

NooNoo Update

With the Millbrooker Towers' cupboards beginning to look increasingly bare, Mrs The Millbrooker and I ventured across to Jannerland where I did some adventuring around Sainsbury's and herself explored the university library in search of some suitable literature for helping with the current enormously long and wearing project.

We took the opportunity to descend upon Dozybean's minor estate to demand hospitality in the form of a cuppa. Whereupon, of course, we were able to assume the mantle of Nana and Dragon Lord to the young NooNoo who shares the estate with his mater.NooNoo is learning all about trousers and how they sometimes just won't stay up no matter how often you hike them waist-wards. The problem is clearly exacerbated by the act of toast eating.Luckily, there was a Nana around to help with the upwards yanking of below-the-waist garments.

We left NooNoo and Dozybean (along with Emily who was also in temporary residence) and headed back to the civilised lands of The Rame Peninsula where I once again failed to get any response from Samuel French Ltd (play publishers and rights holders) despite several emails and a phone call about the availability of a couple of plays I want to get onto the local stage. Bah!

Ah well, perseverance will win out in the end - another phone call coming up.

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