Monday, May 24, 2010

A Sociable Weekend

We've had a houseful for the last couple of days; it's been the annual Gigspanner-a-thon at Millbrooker Towers with waifs and strays from every corner of the kingdom (OK, Bath and Trowbridge) joining Dozybean and her duo of chums as well as Roger, Peter and Debs.

My oh my, but Mrs The Millbrooker and I have been busy little bees.

But my oh my, wasn't it just worth it; great company, great music and a bloody good time was had.

Here are a few photos of the weekend's activities (or lack thereof).

We (mostly) met up at Kingsand's Rising Sun for a pre-gig pint. Here's L-R Dong, Liability, A-Ninny and The Village Vamp.

Dozybean, Ruth and A-Ninny scrubbed up nicely for the occasion and looked elegantly ladylike slurping pints of Heligan Honey in their finery.

Post gig, the all-but traditional session at The Halfway House was a lively affair. Here's Dong and Liability at the bar, with Catherine and J.Edgar seated behind.

Richard the Wrecker sought and gained permission from "the management" (i.e. his better half Max) to fetch his melodeon and a mighty fine sing-song ensued. In the shot below: yours truly and Richard the Wrecker with J.Edgar, Liability and Shazzerooneypoos in the background.

Needless to say, Dong regaled us with some lively renditions of old favourites in assorted keys - I think this one was "Wild Rover" in C minor, G major and H sharp - and received a well deserved round of applause from an appreciative crowd. Ah, 'tis true what Dong says (quoting his sis) that you should sing or dance in public at least once a week because it's good for your soul.

Using a wildly varied selection of transport we ended up eventually back at Millbrooker Towers where some rather decent Bordeaux got slurped, as did a bottle or so of my almost lethal home-brewed mead. Here's the scene before it all got very alcohol soaked (no names and no pack drill but we all remember who fell over and might have been a bit icky in the morning, don't we A-Ninny?)

Clockwise from left A-Ninny, Dozybean, Peter K, Debs, Ruth, The High Lord of Southwick, Dong's bonce (rear view).

On Sunday morning the alarm was alarmingly early after hitting the sack a bit past four in the a.m. but needs must: the Gigspanner guys had to get up to Kingsand, pack up their gear and head off to the next engagement. We bade them farewell shortly before 11 and, after prepping another sitting of breakfasts, it was time for a well earned rest.

The High Lord and I partook of the traditional post-Gigspanner Sunday afternoon activity of sitting on the patio in the sunshine chewing the fat. After a while we were joined by BathNick who was far more energetic than us and had taken a potter to enjoy the sunshine and scenery towards Cremyll. The two elegantly attired gentlemen carried on the grand tradition of talking bollocks until the pub beckoned before dinner.

And then it was film club....

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