Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wreckers Pictures Arrive

As promised, here's a selection of photos from Thursday night at The Dolphin in Plymouth when The Wreckers kindly allowed me to bash sticks with them.

Many thanks to YarMatt who dutifully snapped away and has emailed me these images at his earliest oppportunity.

The first dance (level of difficulty in honour of my being a rank amateur: schoolboy).
"Right, now we'll go up a level," (or words to that effect) said Max (left of shot). "Oy, take that stick off my nose," (or words to that effect) said Leslie (on my right).

After upping the difficulty level, I donned The Tatters and felt highly honoured. The ale helped, too. They do a very nice pint at The Dolphin, you know.

Then it was a case of join in on every dance going. Was I any good? Of course not. Did I have a truly excellent evening? Oh yes, and in spades.

So, once again, don't forget South East Cornwall's very own bunch of anarcho-Morris dancers are coming to Millbrook: 3rd June 8pm at The D&C. If you ask nicely, they might even let you have a try.

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