Friday, May 14, 2010

Dancing In Braille

I've often mentioned The Wreckers on these pages. They're from the anarchic branch of Morris dancing. Their style is Border Morris (there's a decent explanation what constitutes Border as opposed to any other Morris styles on their website): .

To the untrained eye (mine for example) it looks for all the world like they're having a marvellous time whacking at each other with heavy sticks and drinking lots of ale. You know what? That's pretty much what they are doing, only they know some dance routines to go with it.

How do I know this? Well, last night I found myself guesting with the black and orange tatters-clad Morris warriors at The Dolphin on Plymouth's Barbican.
Sadly, I forgot to take my camera along (I was heading there pretty much straight from work and left home very early in the morning - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it), so as I write I have no photos of my escapade attempting to dance with both The Wreckers and The Plymouth Morris Men (who dance a complex "Cotswold" style, so I'm told). The Plymouth men are the ones in bibs and black boaters behind the Wreckers in this shot taken on Black Prince Day this year.

Luckily YarMatt was on hand with his camera, so I should get some photos from him. I'm sure you're desperate to see shots of yours truly in a borrowed tatters jacket flailing about with a stick and hopping from one leg to the other; I shall oblige as soon as I can. Dozybean was also about with her video camera; I believe there's some footage with the Plymouth Morris as well as The Wreckers. YouTube awaits.

I'll say here and now that I loved every minute of it, and I thoroughly enjoyed Richard's announcement to the gathered Janners that they had a guest "dancing in braille". Richard is the fearsome looking character with the feathered hat and melodeon and wearing a kilt in the top picture.

The Wreckers are a friendly bunch and went out of their way to make me feel welcome; I owe them a big thank you. I'll owe them another soon - last night was just the rehearsal.

Thursday June 03rd


Wreckers Morris


The Devon and Cornwall, Millbrook.

Free Show - great music - great ale.

...and me trying not to trip everyone up.

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