Sunday, June 27, 2010

BIrthday Season In Full Swing

The Millbrook birthday season is still in full swing. Liability and I celebrated our mutual birth date (oh, yes - same day, same year, slightly different place, completely different gene pool) in separate countries earlier this month.

Cousin Dave, whom we see far too little of these days, has made his half century...
...and Dong noted the whizzing past of another year a few days later; here's Millbrook's famed Dongmeister opening a present just before a birthday slap-up.
And then it was Mrs The MIllbrooker's turn; she has made it to 7 this year (remember the formula for making sure you never get older than 9).

The Wizzers of Soz sent a smashing wee bouquet...
...and later in the day (after I'd returned from an early shift) there was some card opening.
 Naturally there were a couple of things to unwrap; nothing grand this year, sadly my budget is not what it once was.
A few days later and we did a proper celebration by spending a few pence over Russell and Mark's bar at the D&C to mark the occasion. We like to stretch birthdays to at least a week's worth here in Millbrook, you know.

There was another birthday celebration going on at the adjacent table, many happy returns to Steph (in the purple top) who was celebrating with her buddies including our own favourite Village Vamp (furthest away in the row of three opposite the birthday girl).
The meal, of course, was cracking. We expect nothing less of Russell; he beavers away in his kitchen for our delight and delectation. This is Dong and Shazzerooneypoos tucking into their "Hog, Sage and Apple Pie" which they pronounced to be yummy.
It only remains for me to present this year's official Mrs The Millbrooker birthday portrait which, on this occasion, features the classic Millbrook pose.
How does that song go?

"Happier than pigs in muck,
living the Millbrook way,
up with the sun when the giro comes
then pissed for the rest of the day."
(Pete Staniforth - The Millbrook Song)

(any suggestion of inebriation on Mrs The MIllbrooker's
part is unintentional - she wouldn't have been safe driving, but otherwise remained
coherent and relatively sensible throughout. Just as well, there's always a me to look after.)

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