Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Mysterious Delivery

I found this baby blue envelope on the doormat of Millbrooker Towers yesterday afternoon (we live in one of those places where the post arrives after leaving for work, so we never get it in our little mitts until afternoon or evening).

Upon ripping it open in a state of high excitement (I don't get much post that isn't obviously a bill or somesuch depressant) I found a card...
 ...with "get well soon" wishes from me old mucker Simon Pauley of Insight Radio and his mate Stephen (whom I've never even spoken to let alone met). They'd got together and had a whip-round to send me the price of a jolly decent bottle of quaffable something.

All because I was daft enough to walk into a lamp post last week just before recording with Simon (in case you missed it - the story is here) and ended up with a busted nose.

I'm very touched (no comments from the cheap seats, thank you) and hugely grateful; thanks a million guys, I really appreciate your kind wishes.

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed the doctored address on the envelope; I'm not daft enough to put my genuine postal address onto the interweb (I'm sure the dogged would be able to track me down easily enough if they really wanted to, but hey ho). Now the question is raised - would an envelope addressed exactly as above actually reach me? A pint to the author of first one to arrive through the Royal Mail.

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