Monday, June 07, 2010

Royal Mail, Millbrooker Towers and The High Lord of Southwick

Yesterday I posed a question about whether any post would reach me addressed thus:

Today I had a response from The High Lord of Southwick. Not through the good services of Royal Mail but through the technological wonder of the internet.

"Hi Millbrooker,

In answer to your question posed on the blog today, as to whether an envelope, or indeed a parcel, or missive of any kind, would reach you addressed to Millbrooker Towers, etc. 

As I haven't seen it detailed on your blog I assume you haven't received the cheque for £5000 I sent to Mr. The Millbrooker, requesting that you put it down as a deposit on that quaint, little cottage, on the shore, with roses & wisteria flowing over the front. 

Its my fault for not sending it to your real address I guess, But, hey ho, hard come, easy go. I'm glad really, because I've found out latterly that the lovely cottage in question floods at high tide, has dry & wet rot & is frequented by Cornish piskies

So, your postman doesn't know about your alter ego yet.
See you on Friday. I'll be arriving at Roscoff about 7pm. I think it looks like about an hour or so drive from there. Looking forward to it.
Happy trails,
His Highly Uppermost Higheity of Southwick"

You might note the last paragraph there, "See you on Friday, I'll be arriving at Roscoff...."

This can be taken as something of a clue that yours truly and Mrs The Millbrooker (along with Dong and Shazzerooneypoos, as it happens) will be spending a few days very soon over the slice of water twixt Cornwall and its Celtic cousin Brittany. The High Lord will be joining us for a few days as well - huzzah!

So, this might be the last posting for a while - depends on whether I get five minutes tomorrow to sit and write nonsense. If not - this is au revoir until Thursday or Friday of next week.

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