Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Titivating With Wizzers' Creation

Truth to tell, I haven't really got much to witter on about as I sit here in front of the old steam-driven laptop. But, as I've not stuck anything onto these pages for a couple of days, I thought I'd share news of a minuscule bit of titivating in Millbrooker Towers' living room.

For many months, ever since we had an infestation of Graham just prior to Christmas, we've had a naked (albeit low energy) light bulb illuminating our lives at the back end of the living room.

Then only last week, Mrs The Millbroker rediscovered a shade created way back in the mists of time by The Wizzers of Soz. So far back that she probably wasn't known by that epithet or indeed any other except the one she was given at a very early age.

I'm sure she'll be pleased to know that her creation is finally in use.
You'll note that it's of the dangling variety and as such I get a not unpleasant tickle on the bonce every time I pass underneath. Mmm, sensual light shades - maybe there's a gap in the market.


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The Millbrooker said...

Thanks Eyanharve - your kind comments are much appreciated.

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