Thursday, July 22, 2010

The British Firework Championship 2010

Plymouth Sound has played host to The British Fireworks Championship for the last mumblemurple-mutter-into-hands-'coz-I-have no-idea-how-many years.

2010 promises to be a spectacular display once again on the 10th and 11th of August.

Last year, Mrs The Millbrooker and I got lucky and young Matt-in-the-Cat took us out into the Sound on the good ship Snailspace for a marvellous view almost directly underneath the displays. The following night, we watched from near the folly on the Mount Edgcumbe Estate.

From whence I got this shot of part of the winning presentation by Phoenix Fireworks.
Now - imagine yourself all-but directly underneath such a marvellous sight.

No - stop imagining and make it happen.

It can be done. Jennifer and Helen have organised a boat trip on both evenings, for a piffling £11 per head, which will take you out into the Sound from Cremyll and give you one of the best views possible of this renowned event.

This year, you could be on one of the boats in the shot below - right in amongst the action.
To secure your place, all you have to do is accost either of the lovely ladies on the streets of Millbrook and hand over some of your English pounds.

Either that or check the details below:

British Firework Championships
on the
Northern Belle
10th and 11th August
£11 per person (per night)
tel 823711 to reserve a place
and for more information

Meanwhile, if you so wish, feast your eyes on this HD video taken from Mount Edgcumbe last year which shows the winning Phoenix Fireworks team's display.

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