Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tour de France and the Spirit of Candid Camera

Yesterday saw cycling's most famous and certainly greatest event begin its mammoth route from Rotterdam to Paris via just about everywhere in France and several places in Holland and Belgium.

The full route can be viewed here, if you're remotely interested. If I were to be entirely truthful, I'm not hugely bothered by the whole thing, although I still have fond(ish) memories of just over half a day standing in the rain at MaĆ«l-Carhaix a few years ago waiting for a view of Lance Armstrong and the peloton as it flashed past in about four and half seconds.

The point of this posting, though is to enjoy the fact that the spirit of Allen Funt is alive and kicking amongst our Gallic friends.

This video that I stumbled across whilst idly surfing around the interweb, after an early shift left me incapable of anything more strenuous than staring at a screen and dribbling slightly, had me chortling to myself (which I guess just shows my puerile sense of humour to be exactly that).


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