Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Braving the Weather In True Cornish Style

We have something of a reputation in this country of determinedly enjoying ourselves whatever the weather decides to do.

It's a commonplace sight, families huddled in pac-a-macs and wind-cheaters gritting their teeth in the face of a battering gale and horizontal rain remaining on an esplanade to enjoy the seaside despite all evidence suggesting that a nice cup of tea at home would be a better option.

At Millbrooker Towers, we are no real exception. When we decide to have a barbecue, we're going to bloomin' well have a barbecue unless it's too damp to light the damned thing.

And so, when we invited Slocombe along with Dong and Shazzerooneypoos to join us and Dozybean on Sunday before film club for some mildly charred offerings we weren't going to pay any attention to the moist atmosphere and gloweringly low grey clouds.

Note ominous looking sky and fleece-clad guests. I was alright, the barbie itself was very nicely aglow and kept me warm throughout.

The fare on offer was a selection of vegetarian kebabs (Slocombe and Dozybean eschew meat within their diets) and some home made sausage-type things to which Slocombe gave the name "Pork Swords". I'm going to have to see if I can slip that one past the Insight Radio censors when I next do some recipes in my capacity as the Morning Mix's visually impaired cook.
Being in one of those parsimonious periods, the drinks on offer from the Millbrooker Towers cellar were exclusively home grown hooch which Dong wisely avoided by bringing some Cotes de Rhone which might have had a different type of richness of flavour than the fruitiness of my blackcurrant and apple concoction but also lacked the unfathomably high ABV.

Slocombe, however, had no such qualms as he enjoyed his marinated courgette kebab.
 And finally, here's a quick shot of me brandishing my pork sword. Hmmm - I wonder how many hits I'll get from soon-to-be-very-disappointed net surfers searching for "pork sword" in an entirely different context?

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