Sunday, August 08, 2010

Eating, Drinking and Making Merry

Ah yes, the barbecue season is well and truly upon us; cloudy skies notwithstanding us hardy Cornish(ish) types will cook in the great outdoors whenever it takes our fancy.

It took Dong's fancy last night as he and fifty percent of the fruit of his loins entertained us at Catherine and J Edgar's pad in Cremyll.

I arrived a short while after everyone else, having been obliged by my employers ridiculous expectation of my working during rostered shifts to stay in the office whilst Dong did lighting barbecue duties and Shazzerooneypoos did scurrying about and helping.
Never fear, though, J Edgar was living up to his name (new readers, work it out for yourselves) as he enjoyed a munch whilst chatting to Catherine and nephew Charlie.
He also enjoyed a munch between conversations. Indeed, the J Edgar intake was not unexpectedly prodigious. A man after my own heart (or possibly waist measurement).
Mrs The Millbrooker and I haven't seen Dorothy and Arbuthnot for a while and were delighted to find them in attendance, with Dorothy's roots making an impressive display.
Here are Dotters and Arbie doing something that requires out-stretched arms; I'm fairly sure that it didn't involve any other part of Arbie's anatomy, but I can't be absolutely certain.
Also gracing Cremyll with their presence were The Leaderene and Mr B who enjoyed a jolly nice chomp and slurp.
And, one mustn't neglect to mention (and, indeed, show) the co-hosts of the evening Lucy Lowe (see Holmes Chapel Blogger on the right) and her Pictish man Dr G; seen here alongside our own Dong (or thatb*stardyourfather as he's sometimes known by young Lucy).
The evening wore on, the light dimmed and Dotters did her classy-bird act.
Somehow it seemed like a grand idea to invite everyone (driver excepted) who was in the taxi home back to Millbrooker Towers for a nightcap. A single bottle of home made mead did the job  and some mildly undignified exits occurred around midnight. Here's to hoping that everyone else's head was equally as fuggy as mine this morning.

Thanks, of course, go to Catherine and J Edgar for the use of their premises; to Dong and Shazzerooneypoos for providing lots of yummy munchables and to Lucy Lowe and Dr G for plentiful liquid refreshment.

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