Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wreckers Morris and Friends on The Barbican, Plymouth

There's not a lot to write. We had fun. We had ice cream. We danced. We played.

You can learn all about Wreckers Morris on their website:

The ice creams were very generously donated by the van near to the Mayflower Steps on the Barbican in Plymouth. That's this one:
The ice cream man gave every dancer and musician a free cornet of yummy ice cream after we'd done our stuff just by the van. So, according to the laws of hospitality, and genuinely felt - should you find yourself on the Barbican in Plymouth - give the man some support and buy your ice cream from the man-in-the-van; he's a jolly decent soul and generous to morris dancers, too.
Meantime, without writing reams and reams, here are some shots of the afternoon's activities. First up, dancing at the legendary Dolphin Hotel on Plymouth's Barbican.
We danced by the ice cream van after that, but there I haven't got any shots of that bit. Then we moved to The Hoe where lots of dancing occurred. This is the Plymouth Morris Men with an interloper from Jack in the Green and another from the Wreckers.
Jack in the Green is a dance side all the way from New Hampshire, and they're very good indeed. Their hosts (Plymouth Morris Men) presented them with a Devonian flag at the end of their performances.
The Wreckers, of course, did some dancing up there as well.
And, lest anyone think we were the only people dressed up all funny on Plymouth Hoe this afternoon - we spotted these two taking a gentle stroll past Smeaton's Tower. Methinks Sir Francis Drake might have return'd from the other side.

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