Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fare Thee Well to Olde Englande...

After some dancing tomorrow (Thursday 26th) at The St John Inn (in St John, just in case you were wondering), Mrs The Millbrooker and I will be leaving Millbrooker Towers in the hands of a motley house sitting crew as we take what we expect to be our last trip this year to Brittany.

'Tis only for a few days and we'll be back full of exciting news about Jean-Luc at Bar L'Alsa-Breizh, moorland walking and eating too much cheese and pate in what will seem like the blink of an eye.
Regular readers will know that this sojourn to foreign climes means that I have no access to telephones or internet so these pages will be silent for a while (a sigh of relief all around is now permitted, even in the cheap seats).

Should any well wishers or morris fans wish to join us for a beer before we go:

St John Inn
Thurs 26th Aug

Mrs The MIllbrooker and I will be leaving the dancing/singing/drinking early coz we have to be on the overnight ferry to Roscoff, but the Wreckers will be doing their thing until they're too tired to carry on.
Rumours that any Wreckers will be attempting the Threeple Hammer Damson with its 457 separate dance moves are probably exaggerated. Although it might be worth encouraging Kevin (left above) to try.

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