Thursday, September 02, 2010

La Cuisine de Bar L'Alsa-Breizh

Well, Mrs The Millbrooker and I have returned from the balmy, sunshiny climes of central Brittany (oh, yes - apart from the first day we had beautiful weather). Time is short as I write and a day's work looms large on the horizon, so of necessity this will have to be a fairly short posting.

We made plentiful use of our favourite Breton bar, Jean-Luc's  Bar L'Alsa-Breizh which is conveniently just opposite our small holiday refuge in Trebrivan.
On Saturday night, Jean-Luc very kindly cooked for us even though he wasn't planning to open the kitchen after doing a roaring trade the previous night (Trebrivan is a small place and filling the place with diners on two evenings in a row is a mighty task).

Mrs The MIllbrooker and I began the evening with a few beers sitting at the bar, conversing in our best French (pretty good in Mrs The Millbrooker's case, distinctly schoolboy in mine) with mein host and his lovely partner.

Sometime after all the other customers had departed, our starter arrived.
Oh yes, half a melon each filled with delicious port, just in case the beer hadn't got us first.

Soon enough the mains was gently plopped in front of us and our hosts sat at a separate table to eat their evening meal. Having none of this, we asked if they'd like to join us and a merry party ensued with Jean-Luc on wine pouring duties.
 The main course was a very yummy veal dish.
And we got cheese and pudding as well - goodness me but we were a tad full up after all that lot.
And so...

We decided that there was undoubtedly no better place to spend our lunch money on our last day than at Bar L'Alsa-Breizh, so Tuesday saw us partaking of yet more of the yummy fare on offer. What's more, as good as his word, Jean-Luc made sure we were served quickly because we had to be away to catch the ferry home immediately after eating.

Lunch consisted of a stuffed ham starter and stuffed courgette with mains (and cheese and pudding).
Now, what must be remarked upon is the outrageously low prices for eating out. It really is stunningly good value for money, not to mention being delicious food.

Our four course lunch at Bar L'Alsa-Breizh cost a few centimes adrift of 20 euros (not each - for both) and included wine.

So, once again, should you find yourselves in the vicinity of Carhaix-Plougeur and fancy taking the short journey to Trebrivan I can't recommend Bar L'Alsa-Breizh enough. Good food, very reasonably priced, and the friendliest hosts you could wish for.

Bar L'Alsa-Breizh
3 Place Ste Anne
22340 Trebrivan
Tel: +33 296 36 60 56

Note to fellow Brits, Jean-Luc doesn't speak English apart from a few words, you'll need to try your French no matter how rusty, but I can promise a warm welcome when you do.

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