Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Racehorse Inn - Indoor Dancing

I know, I know - yawns from the cheap seats as he goes on about bloody morris dancing again. Sorry folks - this morris thing has just rather got to me.

And to Mrs The Millbrooker. And to Dozybean.

Thursday last saw the anarcho-morris warriors of the Wreckers invading the normally peaceful and calm village of North Hill (in the northern territories near Launceston (for the benefit of overseas readers, including those in Devon, that's pronounced "Laanson" ).

Anyone who was around the Cornish borders on Thursday will know that it was, to use the vernacular, hissing down. The rain was coming down in stair rods and the prospect of damp dancing in a bleak and deserted pub car park loomed.

Little did we know, as Mrs The Millbrooker drove a car full towards the Racehorse Inn, that the Wreckers always seem to have a plan B. In this case, plan B consisted of taking over the bar and dancing inside - it might have been hot, but at least it wasn't wet.

The car full consisted of Dozybean, A-ninny who was visiting Dozy for a few days and The Wizzers of Soz who was on a flying visit to see her mama and me.

Enough of my waffle - here are the photos that I know you've been desperate to see, and that you knew were coming..
And then, it was the turn of anyone daft enough to want a go at this morris malarkey. On most outings, the dancers entice, cajole, seduce and bully some unsuspecting souls into taking a thwacking stick and dancing an audience participation piece called "Tinner's Rabbit".

Enter Dozybean, A-Ninny and The Wizzers of Soz into the proceedings. Dozy and A-Ninny are in the centre at the back of this shot wearing tatters borrowed from generous Wreckers.
They're a bit more prominent in this one as they do the parading-around-in-a-circle bit of the dance.
The Wizzers of Soz, normally such a graceful and sedate example of young womanhood, was enticed into the glorious silliness of the morris as well. Here she is dancing with Mary Wrecker and a young fellow plucked from somewhere near the bar.
And here she is again, looking very pleased with herself after having got the hang of skipping around in a circle.
Many thanks to the lovely people of North Hill and to the Racehorse Inn, a smashing hostelry and definitely one of my favourite places that we've been with the Wreckers - if you find yourself anywhere near the environs of North Hill, do drop in and enjoy a spot of the friendly ambience of the place. And possibly a drop of the utterly scrummy St Nonna's ale from the Penpont Brewery of Bodmin Moor, mmm mmm mmm.

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