Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Wizzers of Soz Pays a State Visit to Millbrook

The youngest of the former residents of Millbrooker Towers has been a rare sight in these parts during the summer months as she's indulged in hours and hours of hard labour in a mobile phone shop combined with scuttling back and forth to Sutton where her current squeeze lives. All of which has left little time for us poor old crumblies back in Millbrook.

From Wednesday of last week until Saturday, though, we were graced with a state visit in which Wizzers made up for lost time with much playing at being Auntie to NooNoo.
She indulged in some reading practice ready for the start of the new term at university which is beginning to loom large on the horizon.
And we decided it would be only right and proper to indulge in a slap up at the D&C - oh quelle surprise. NooNoo and Dozybean joined us for that bit. This is a shot of the two smallest family members as the rainbow coloured one explains all about Dragon Juice to the high-chair ensconced one.
As always, Russell and Mark cooked up a treat - the skate wing that I had for mains was both huge and very yummy. Dozy and Wizzers enjoyed a curry and Mrs The Millbrooker was very pleased with her tuna steak.
I'll end this short witter with a plea to the Wizzers of Soz to visit again soon. It seems to mean I'm allowed to eat myself silly at the D&C and I like to grab any excuse I can for such indulgences.

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