Friday, September 17, 2010

Bern the Lens Live in Concert

Alright, not actually in "concert", but everybody's old mate Bern is going to be presenting one of his legendary slide shows to which anyone with an interest in railway or local history should make all due haste.

Not only are you guaranteed an evening of fascinating insights into the past with everyone's favourite fount-of-all-knowledge, but you can also experience that warm glow of having contributed to two excellent charitable causes. All of the proceeds from the event will be shared between "Operation Sunshine" and a local fund to send and support a young lass from Bern's part of the world who will be heading out to Tanzania to work in a school there.

The presentation is called "Two Routes to Tavistock" and features newly digitally enhanced photos that come from Bern's own huge collection which he's been snapping since he was a nipper back in the time of good Queen Bess.

This shot is from 1962: "Tavistock South 4588" - Bern's copy is a lot clearer than mine, but my dear old laptop is almost as old as the loco in the picture and can't cope with the huge file size that Mr The Lens' impressive equipment produces.
So here's the lowdown:
Bernard Mills
"Two Routes to Tavistock"
Slide Show and Talk
incl light supper
Memorial Hall, Meavy Lane,
Thurs 30th September
£4 on the door
in aid of Operation Sunshine
and funding for a worker in a Tanzanian school.

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